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The Mmv
The Mmv

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PostSubject: Club Penguin Cheats   Club Penguin Cheats EmptyMon Dec 08, 2008 11:11 pm

1. Read Penguin Times Newspaper without logging in. Use this link, but change the numbers at the end.
The first 4 is the year, the next 2 is the number of the month, and the last is the day of the month.

2. New Aqua Grabber guide. Probably the hardest game in Club Penguin, find a complete guide for both levels here.

3. Easy login without going back to the Club Penguin home page. Use refresh or “F5″ instead of pressing log out. To avoid the risk of loosing items from this, you can simply use Miniclip’s version of this game.

4. Expert levels in Astro Barrier can be found between levels 30 and 31 by waiting 30 seconds and then shooting the blue ship that shows up.

5. Dessert Mode in Pizza Tron is found by pulling the lever at the start menu.

6. Easy life in Astro Barrier is on level 7 when the screen help tells you about the block for another life, shoot the one on that screen and you will receive an easy life.

7. Skip Astro Barrier Levels by pressing 1, 2, or 3 to go to level 10, 20, or 30 at the menu after you’ve pressed the start button.

8. Easy Aqua Grabber Win by bringing the pink puffle with you, if you run out of air, it will give you a bubble!

9. Make CP run faster by pressing the + and - keys on your key board. This is great for laggy servers or those heavy parties.

10. Catch the mullet in ice fishing by using a smaller fish as bait.

11. New fish in Ice Fishing can be found by using a different rod from the sports catalog.

12. Sit Forward use your mouse to face your penguin forward and press, “S”.

13. Special Dances can be found by wearing just ONE item. Only some items work for this, find a guide to every dance here.

14. Secret Rooms:

15. 1000 Coins Jetpack Adventure by beating jetpack adventure without getting a coin, you receive a 1000 coin bonus.

16. Catalog & Update Cheats can be found on the main site every friday. Click: club penguin cheats.

17. Easy Surfing can be done by using different surf boards (especially silver). From the sports catalog.

18. Rainbow Bracelet is at the end of the Rockhopper stow away book in the book room. It is free.

19. Rockhopper’s key is located at the end of his year book (journal) in the book room.

20. Special Smilies can be found in a list here:

21. Throw fast snowballs by pressing T and clicking places really fast.

22. Snowballs from invisible penguin by using the throwing snowballs fast cheat and moving your penguin right during the middle of throwing.

23. Fast waving: Click W repeatedly.

24. Easy Sledding: Everytime you make a move over a slope or bump, return your sled to the middle.

25. Secret Agent Answers: When becoming a secret agent, use these answers on the quiz.

26. Stand where you should’nt (where you normally zoom to a new room) Walk over the place where you want to stand and then open penguin mail until you walk there, now you will keep standing there and can do what you’d like.

27. Talk out of the chat bubble by saying something with no spaces such as, “WWWWWWW” and some of the words will be outside of the chat bubble!.

28. Players in room can be seen by clicking the button between your buddies and your ignore list.

29. Bean count perfect is acheived by unloading all 5 trucks and winning the game. You will receive a 60 coin bonus.

30. Yearbook old pin cheats can be found by going in the 2005 - 2006 year book and finding the secrets in each month starting with March. You will end up finding every pin!

31. Blank chat bubble can be done by just pressing space bar and then the send button on your chat bar as a message.

32. Walk on water at the dock by walking onto the water to the right of the wooden dock. (Shore) You can also walk on the water at the ice burg by standing beside aqua grabber.

33. Puffle walk on walls and water by moving your penguin close to a wall or water. Your puffle should be in or on the wall where regular penguins can’t stand.

34. See Rockhopper when he’s arriving by going to the lighthouse beacon and looking through the telescope.

35. See a boat at the cove by looking threw the binoculars on the life gaurd chair and waiting 20 seconds.

~The Mmv~
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New Penguin

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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Cheats   Club Penguin Cheats EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 6:18 am

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New Penguin

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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Cheats   Club Penguin Cheats EmptyFri Dec 12, 2008 9:18 pm

AWSOME Confused
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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Cheats   Club Penguin Cheats Empty

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Club Penguin Cheats
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