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 Rockhopper Tracking

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PostSubject: Rockhopper Tracking   Rockhopper Tracking EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 5:33 am

This guide can help make your dreams of finding Rockhopper come true. Before I teach you how to find Rockhopper I am going to teach you about Rockhopper. Remember to check my Rockhopper Finding Guide Page.

About Rockhopper

Rockhopper is a Pirate who visits the Island of Club Penguin regularly. Rockhopper sails to Club Penguin in a huge ship. During a Rockhopper visit, all players (including non-members) may explore his ship, which offers exclusive ‘rare’ items for purchase, and a fictional diary of the character’s adventures. Rockhopper’s items can be found no where else besides his ship. When Rockhopper is online he appears as most others except that he wears a pirate hat, and a long black beard which are not available to other penguins. Players who find Rockhopper and click to add him as a Buddy will receive exclusive items such as a background for their player card or an eye patch to wear. If you click “Visit igloo” it will take you to his ship called the Migrator. But, when his ship broke down in his most recent visit, it took you to the beach. You cannot be Rockhopper’s buddy or report him. You can however, add him to your Ignore List. Rockhopper has a red puffle named Yarr. In the month of February 2008, Rockhopper’s ship crashed.

Thus, created a new game called Aqua Grabber. The game is completed when all missing items from Rockhopper’s ship have be found and placed into a net. With the help of Agent G, penguins began rebuilding the Migrator. Agent G used many techniques including the Flare Flinger 3000, Machinery, and Giant Cranes.

Many Penguins love Rockhopper and search everywhere just to catch a glimpse of him. Rockhopper has a unique look. He wears a Black Beard, and a Pirate Hat. He always is wearing the Color Red.

Rockhopper is sometimes logged in as a Robot. You can easily tell if Rockhopper is a Robot or is a real penguin at the time because of the things that Rockhopper says. Robots usually say unusual things involving Pirates and the Seas. Here is Rockhopper talking at the Beach. You can tell that at this time Rockhopper was a bot because the bots are programmed to say Pirate related things. When a Moderator is logged on as Rockhopper they will say normal things and will send Post Cards if you send one to them.

About the Migrator

The Migrator is Rockhopper’s Ship which he travels to the Island of Club Penguin in. The Migrator is a large ship which was created on April 27th, 2007. The Migrator has two large Decks and many other parts. Here’s a Description of the Migrator in Picture form. It has all of the parts to the Migrator. Rockhopper is only on Club Penguin and can only be found when his ship the Migrator is anchored at the Beach.

You can tell if Rockhopper is coming by looking in the telescope at the top of the beacon. The Migrator will be sailing in the ocean if Rockhopper is coming to visit Club Penguin. The closer the Migrator is to you the closer Rockhopper is to landing and coming to Club Penguin.

Where to look for Rockhopper

Rockhopper visits a variety of servers on Club Penguin. He usually visits the smaller servers like Brumby, Boots, Outback, Big Surf, and Ice Palace. He also visits highly populated servers like Snow Forts, Blizzard, Mittens, and North Pole. He commonly visits the servers on the first page of the USA Flag except for the Ultimate Safe Chat Servers. Rockhopper is very rarely found on Ultimate Safe Chat servers because he enjoys talking to his fans. Rockhopper likes to visit a lot of places on Club Penguin. The best place to check is the Migrator. He usually is found there but he also is commonly found at the Pizza Parlor, the Iceberg, the Beach, the Dock, and the Town. He visits a variety of places and servers.

The Best Tips on Finding Rockhopper

Here are the best Cheats and Tips on Finding Rockhopper. Use these while you are using one of the strategies.

* Check this site for updates on Rockhopper and Search Party’s.

* Rockhopper is commonly at the Cove, Pizza Parlor, Iceberg, The Migrator, the Dock and the Cove so make sure to check out those places.

* Rockhopper may send you a card back if you send him one. Rockhopper has sent me two post cards

* Rockhopper is a robot 90% of the time. All the pirate stuff he says is programmed in his memory system.

* Rockhopper is not a bot when he mentions people by their usernames and Sled races with other penguins. He is usually a bot but if he calls you by name its a real person.

* There’s no key or way to get into Rockhopper’s room. Don’t say open up Rockhopper or bother throwing snowballs at the door. He never has opened the door and he probably never will.

* If you use CP trainer (Hacking Program) you aren’t Rockhopper because there is no free gift option on your Player Card.

* Theres no way to be Rockhopper’s buddy. You can put him on your Ignore List though.

* Rockhopper visits many places so make sure to check out everywhere especially the places that I said in the “Where to Look for Rockhopper” Column.

The Three Main Strategies on How to Find Rockhopper

There are many strategies to finding Rockhopper but these three are the easiest. The first strategy is the Server Checking strategy. This strategy is by far the hardest and least reliable method. This strategy has worked for me twice though so it is worth a shot. This strategy is done exactly the way the name of it sounds, by checking servers. If you want to find Rockhopper it takes a lot of effort. You should follow the server guidelines I gave to you and search every country. Try to check the Ultimate Safe Chat Servers last because Rockhopper is rarely spotted there. Look at the servers and how compares to it’s normal population without Rockhopper. If it is much higher than the other servers around it, you should check it out. While going into each server make sure to check the Dock, Cove, Pizza Parlor, Beach, Iceberg, and especially The Migrator. Listen to what people say. They often give clues about where Rockhopper is. Always check where they say he is. Most of the time they are lies but sometimes they tell the truth and can help you find Rockhopper. Do not follow the people who say follow me for Rockhopper. They never tell the truth. Don’t bother reporting them. They won’t get banned for saying that. After you have done this if you haven’t found him log off and continue the process on other servers. You may also just want to go in and out of servers and check a few places.

Here is one of my Recent Findings of Rockhopper. I found him in the Server Wool Socks at the Snow Forts:

Strategy Number Two on How to Find Rockhopper

Strategy Number Two is a really good way to find Rockhopper. I have found Rockhopper Four Times by using this Strategy. For this strategy you will need patience. To execute this strategy just go to a server and wait in a place Rockhopper likes to visit. I suggest going to a populated server like Mammoth, Frozen, or Blizzard and waiting in Rockhopper’s favorite place to visit the Migrator. Try to be patient and don’t leave your spot. Remember to stay by the computer because you will automatically be logged out of Club Penguin if you are idle for over 10 minutes and could lose your opportunity of meeting Rockhopper. This method takes some time but it is very effective.

This is one of my First Spotting’s of Rockhopper, I found him in the Server Brumby at the Iceberg :

Strategy Number Three on How to Find Rockhopper

Strategy Number Three is probably the best way to find Rockhopper. I have found Rockhopper Six Times by using this Strategy. In this strategy you have to find some other penguins who are looking for Rockhopper and start a Search Party. A Search Party is when you gather a group of people and search different areas in an organized way. A good way is to assign a certain server for a certain penguin to search. The larger the Search Party the more servers you can search. The more servers you can search the higher chance you will have to find Rockhopper. I will be arranging Search Party’s on my site so make sure to check for Search Party Updates when Rockhopper is here.

What to do when you find Rockhopper

If you do find Rockhopper click on his player card. There you can do a lot of cool things. Here is a guide of what you can do and how you can do it once you have found Rockhopper. Each Icon on his Player Card is assigned a Number. Read the Buddy Icon Number to find out what that Buddy Icon will do if you click on it:

Buddy Icon (Button 1): Click on the Buddy Icon on Rockhopper’s Player Card to receive Rockhopper’s Special Item. Rockhopper’s Current Special Item is Rockhopper’s Signature Background.

Rockhopper used to give away a free Black Eye Patch.

The Home Icon (Button 2): If you Click on Rockhopper’s Home Icon it will take you to the Migrator. I don’t suggest to click this button because if you do you will be taken to the Migrator and Rockhopper may leave or the room may become full.

The Send Mail Icon (Button 3): If you Send Rockhopper a Post Card Rockhopper will probably view the Post Card. There is a good chance that he will send a Post Card back. It is really cool to receive a post card.

The Ignore List Icon (Button 4): If you Click on the Ignore List Button you can add Rockhopper to your Ignore List. It is really cool to have him on your Ignore List and is kind of like a memory of meeting Rockhopper.

Rockhopper’s Key Rumor

In the Migrator’s Lower Floor, there is a Dorm Room supposedly where Rockhopper lives while traveling in the Migrator. If you click on the Door there is a Message that talks about a Key which will open the Door or that the Door is locked.

The problem with this message is that there is no Key for his Dorm. Penguins have searched every where throughout CP and none have found it. I have emailed Support many times and they have said that there is no key at this point of time. Remember, not to try to look for it because there is no key.

Make sure to check my site for Updates on Rockhopper. I will update this page a lot and have Search Parties gatherings when Rockhopper is at Club Penguin. I hope this helped you to find Rockhopper. Make sure to follow the Strategies! They are a great help and will make finding Rockhopper a lot easier! Good Luck!
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Rockhopper Tracking
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