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 how to divide a one didget number

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how to divide a one didget number Empty
PostSubject: how to divide a one didget number   how to divide a one didget number EmptyFri Feb 20, 2009 8:07 pm

okay first remember: DMSBDR
that stands for Divide, Mutiply, Subtract, Bring down, and Remainder. Next say how many times does 6 go into 9.
17 R.2
6)94 that is once so put your one above the 9. then say: 6x1 is 6,
= 02
so put down your subtract. you get 4. Bring down your 4 now.
Now say how many times 6 goes into 44. the answer is 7 but you write down 42 becasue 6x7 is 42. put the 7 on top. subtract that. 2 is your remainder. write it at the top.
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how to divide a one didget number
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