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 Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!

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The Mmv
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Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!   Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 2:39 pm

.::Igloo Design Guide::.

Now, before we get started, I would like to point out a few things, these are the factors we based our guide off of to designing a successful igloo: Igloo Themes, Items, Colors, Furniture Arrangement, Igloo Types, Floor Types, Lag, Overloading, etc... So please take in ALL of these tips and hints we provide, so please read on and hopefully this can help better your igloo designing experience!


One of the main things to remember is that everything you buy for your igloo costs coins, nothing is free. So be aware of what you are buying and in what quantity. Try setting a budget of 5,000 coins, this could vary dependig on what your trying to do, but the main point is trying to stay within this budget and not going over it. If you get your igloo the way you want it, don't go splurging into the catalog to buy stuff just to add becuase you want to, making and staying within a budget will help you now, and in the future.

.:Igloo Themes:.

The first step to getting your igloo set up is it's theme, what is your igloo going to be used for? Parties? A Stage? A Lounge? A House? So first things first, open up the Igloo Catalog and scroll through there. Lets just say that you plan on making a house out of your igloo, with a backyard. Thankfully, Club Penguin just released an igloo with a backyard. Once you've got that, look around the Furniture Catalog and try to find items that would relate to the theme you are trying to accomplish with your theme, don't go overboard here, stay within that budget. We know there are A LOT of flashy cool furniture items in that catalog, but keep the spending to a minimum or at least within that budget you set and only purchase items that relate to your theme.

.:Items & Colors:.

Now that you've got the theme of your igloo, it's time to purchase your items. Like I mentioned before, DON'T SPLURGE! We have a set budget and our goal is to stay within it and still create a great igloo. Open up the Furniture Catalog and flip through the pages. Club Penguin often releases items in color sets, often Red Furniture, Green Furniture, Wooden Furniture, basically, Club Penguin has many themes already created just for YOU. All you have to do is find the right one.

Lets say you're creating a Coffee Shop, try focusing your items on items you would normaly find in a coffee shop, like the leather couches, wood desks/tables, books, etc... We want to have all of our items correlate to the theme, if we don't it will throw off our whole theme and the look of the igloo. We want your igloo to "flow". One tip, try to amke your igloo symmetrical, it helps. Try avoiding items and colors that will pop out at a visitor, a lime green table in a Log Cabin used as a ski lodge won't relate to the theme.

.:Furniture Arrangement:.

Now that you've purchased all of the items you need to create your igloo based on your theme and you've stayed within your budget, it's time to place your furniture items. Now, just like in a normal house, there are certain areas dedicated to certain things, take the living room for example. Most living rooms contain a couch or two, a TV a coffee table, or just a table, maybe a fireplace. Just like the kitchen, Club Penguin has a kitchen set (fridge, stove/range/oven, sink, counters, etc.) so making a kitchen should be easy. If you need help placing items, refer to this image as an example:

Click Here for Image!
(thanks Ziek)

As you can see, the igloo is seperated into sections using items, just like in a real house! There is a Living area, Dining Room, Backyard, etc. If you were going for a house theme, this is what you should shoot for.


Club Penguin has many different types of flooring options for you to choose from, seeing that plain blue/white floor gets quite plain after a while. Open up the Igloo Catalog, not the furniture catalog, and the first section should be the section on igloo flooring. There a quite a few designs and looks to choose from. Remember to pick a design that will match your theme, if your doing a house igloo, don't pick the Dance Floor, if you're doing a resuraunt don't pick the grass flooring, unless it's outside or something.

.:Lag Prevention:.

Believe me when I say this, NO ONE likes Lag. No one. A lot of igloo have so many animated and moving objects that even getting to the door to leave is a challenge in itself! Don't overload your igloo with animated items such as TVs, Security Cameras, Dance Floors, Fire Places, Camp Fires, etc... People don't like igloos that lag and having all of those "cool" animated items suffocating your igloo isn't cool and doesn't make you "famous" or "popular" so don't do it, for an example of a laggy igloo, look below.

Click Here for Image
(thanks Snazzy)

.:Puffles:. (Ziek)

Regarding Puffles, because they do have an impact in your igloo, they live there. Having the maximum amount of Puffles doesnít exactly look nice. If you made a Puffle Daycare Igloo maybe it would, but in most cases it doesnít. One or two Puffles is fine, itís satisfying your pet personality, and it doesnít over crowd your igloo. But if you have too many Puffles, it starts to get overcrowded and messy. It will make your igloo seem cluttered and unorganized.

.:Music:. (Basketcase1)

I have a tip for most igloos that will look strange with a stereo or juke box, well, first you find a tall and wide item, a refridgerator works well, now, place the stereo or juke box down at the bit where the fridge was, put the fridge in fron so you can't see the stereo, and ta da, you have an igloo with music without a stereo in the middle of your home. To pick good music, again, think about your theme, if your igloo is themed like a ship, pick "Ocean Voyage" as it will go great with that theme, if, however, you ahve a theme that could have any music, like a house, just put on a sound track that you like.

.:Igloo Overloading:. (Chandru)

Remember, you don't need every single item in the Better Igloos Catalog. Don't put a lot of items, especially a lot of one item, in your igloo. An exception can be made if you're making a restaraunt or movie theater. Then you need a lot of seats and tables. Otherwise, be creative and remember that a few items can go a long way if positioned correctly.

Hope you like it !

~The Mmv~
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Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!   Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 3:25 pm

You should have the rank of Helpful Penguin for posting this guide.
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Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!   Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! EmptyThu Dec 11, 2008 3:15 pm

Wow! Long And Interesting!


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Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!   Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread! Empty

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Club Penguin the Igloo Design Help Thread!
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